How to get WHITE buttercream when using REAL butter!!?!?

Hi friends!! This is a question I get often…”How do you get your buttercream to be white when using real butter?!” or “How do you get your marshmallow fondant to be a bright white?” Picture by Cakes by Raewyn For … Continue reading

{My Favourite} Chocolate Party Cupcakes with Vanilla Swirl Frosting

While these cupcakes aren’t anything super-frilly or fancy, they are my best-loved and most-baked treat, so it seemed only natural to share them with you. This past weekend we celebrated my sweet cakelet Reese’s 7th birthday (how is this possible–didn’t … Continue reading

Decorative Pie Crusts

decorative pie crusts

I LOVE LOVE LOVE making pies and I love playing with pastry to give my pies something as special on the outside as they are on the inside. Today I stumbled upon this amazing post on Martha Stewart’s blog with … Continue reading

Cake Servings Guide

Cake serving guide

It’s always a bit tricky calculating the size cakes you need to make in order to feed everyone at an event, and the maths is even harder for cakes with many tiers. Jem at has kindly designed an elegant … Continue reading

Cookies & Cream Fudge

Cookies and Cream Fudge

Fudge brings back all kinds of fond childhood memories for me, making fudge was probably the first independent ‘baking’ I ever did. I really don’t know who introduced me to making fudge with condensed milk, perhaps it was my nanny … Continue reading